What is Tapestry?

Tapestry is an online tool which enables our preschool staff to record all your child's learning, fun and experiences whilst at preschool. 

You can see how your child is progressing in different areas such as:

  • Managing relationships

  • Self confidence and self awareness

  • Managing feeling and behaviour

  • Listening and attention

  • Communication and language

  • Moving and handling 

 ...and many, many more. 

How will tapestry help me and my child?

Parents are given log in details and will be alerted when a new observation has been added for your child. You can then go into your child's learning journal and see what they have been doing and how well they are advancing.


There are age references so you can easily see if they are more advanced in some areas or if they struggle in others. This information will help you and those working with your child to focus on specific areas of need. You will also see photographs of your child doing different activities and having lots of fun along the way. 

Parents are encouraged to add to their child's learning journal, by adding comments and photographs of your own. Maybe special events that your child's teachers can then talk about with your child. This helps aid communication between the children, staff and parents.

Most schools are now using Tapestry, which means that during transitions to reception classes, your child's new teachers can easily access the learning journals and plan for your child accordingly. If your child's new primary school does not have Tapestry then don't worry, we are able to print everything contained in the journals and deliver them where necessary. 

How do I look at my child's learning journal?

When your child starts at preschool you will be given log in details which are specific to the email address which you give. This also means that more than one person can have access to your childs journal. Maybe a grandparent would like to be kept updated, or a parent is in the forces and away a lot of the time. 

Once you have a log in, you can go to: https://eylj.org/login/

If you have any problems gaining access then let us know. 

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