Welcome to the Sketchers room


In our Wanderlust theme this term we are exploring rain, spring flowers, nests beetles, beans, caterpillars & butterflies, seeds, moon, tadpoles & ponds and rainbows. 

Spring Flowers

We have been making our own interpretations of one of the famous Vincent Van Gogh pictures. 


We have been reading the book 'Whatever Next' which is about a bear that goes to the moon using a box, finds some space boots, a helmet and has a picnic when he gets there.

The children were very engrossed when the story was being read to them, and we followed this on by a sensory tray for them to explore. They enjoyed putting the resources on the bear, such as the helmet and boots, and interacted with one another well during the activity.

I said 'You can't really fly to the moon in a box, you need a rocket'

R said 'Let's give him some food.