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The children have had a wonderful time preparing for Christmas.


We made Christingle (Christ light) candles, which teach the story of the gospel and it's significance to Christians.


The children had great fun getting messy feet to make our 'mistletoes' cards and pictures. We hope that our parents enjoyed seeing all thier hard work. 


Sock snowman were a great hit with the children, especially the girls. I mean who wouldnt want to build a snowman?! 


We also opened our doors to Bawdeswell Primary School for an afternoon of fun filled Christmas activities. The children played together and spent lots of time learning from messy play and making items. Of course no Christmas afternoon would be complete without a party and of course a visit from Santa himself! 

xmas party
christingle candles
Bawdeswell meets santa
Do you want to build a snowman?
Christmas activities

November was a fun filled jam packed month here at Scribbles preschool. 


The children started off with our Alien topic. They made some junk models out of recycled bottles, paper, lids and lots of paint. The children have been reading 'Aliens Love Underpants' they have been using the home corner area to act out the story and using their fine motor skills to hang their washing on the line.


We all went on an Autumn walk to Bawdeswell Garden center, seeing lots of interesting animals on the way. We also spent some time at the beautiful millenium gardens! The children enjoyed the garden center that much that we decided to make our very own!


We spent some time reading the 'Gruffalo' a big favourite amongst the boys and Goldilocks and the 3 bears. The children made some of the foods that they remembered from the books. We had gruffalo crumble, lovely porridge and some oaty balls. This teaches them to use fine motor skills, different textures, mathematics and using vocabulary. 


The children have also learnt about special events and festivals which take place in November. Including Rememberence day, thanksgiving, Diwali, Bonfire night and Hanukkah. This helps teach the children how people are different, social skills, empathy and much more. 

junk modelling
aliens wear underpants
A solar system in Bawdeswell
Autumn walk, meeting the animals
Autumn walk, what can we see?
Bawdeswell Garden Centre
Scribbles Bawdeswell's Garden
millenium gardens
Gruffalo Crumble
Goldilocks and the 3 bears
Who ate my porridge?
Lets make play dough
Rememberance day 2015
At the Church to remember
Happy Thanksgiving
Tasting poppadoms

October at Scribbles Preschool Bawdeswell was an exciting month with the children looking forward to Halloween. We used a number of books and themes for our topics and the children clearly enjoyed themselves. 


The children started off with The Scarecrows Wedding. They made a lovely display out of paper plates, tissue paper and lots of other resources. We made scarecrow cakes and the children learnt all about using different ingredients and some math skills along the way. With the weather still mild we took the opportunity to go outside and make an actual Scarecrow of our own. We used lots of hay, bags and clothing and the children were delighted at what they had achieved. They all worked as a team and enjoyed learning where the body parts were supposed to go, and had a little workout of thier own!


We spent some time reading Room on the broom. With Halloween approaching the children were delighted with the topic choice. We had great fun with our finger gym pumpkin. All children showed good control in large and small movements and they handled the equipment tools effectively.

We used a pumpkin to get the children excited about using thier math skills, and learning how to investigate an item. The children explored a pumpkin using their sensory skills. They counted the pips, used fantastic adjectives to describe what they saw and how the pumpkin felt. 


In our home corner the children used role play to open thier very own Halloween costume shop. They had so much fun trying on the different costumes and taking it in turns to be the shop keeper. 



Scarecrows Wedding
Our scarecrow display
Scarecrow activities
Outdoor scarecrow play
Making scarecrow foods
Scarecrow cakes
Room on the broom
Our display
Funky pumpkin finger gym
Learning whilst playing
Our spooky halloween shop

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